Saturday, December 26, 2009

My experience of making this blog.

I never knew blogging could be so easy and fun! When I published my first post, I knew that the entire world could read my post after I pressed the 'Publish Post' button. I felt a wave of pride when I saw how my blog looks like from your point of view. After a day of school, I could blog what I've learnt to my blog and when the exams are around the corner, I could view my blog and read the past posts about what I've learnt instead of reading tons and tons of notes.

How I felt when I knew I would be attending SST next year

When I received the letter confirming my posting to SST, I was elated and overjoyed to be able to attend SST. I choose this picture as when I go to SST, I will be able to learn lots of info and be able to be like a humpback whale and swim in my own vast limitless ocean of knowledge in pursuit of greater knowledge.